Watch and sing along the video

Pre lesson

  1. Student refer to the textbook Super Mind page 60.
  2. Elicit who can they see and they are doing a lot of activities. 
  3. Teacher pre- teach busy by explaining the activities. 
  1. pelajar merujuk kepada Super Mind pada muka surat 60.
  2. Kaitkan semua kanak – kanak dalam gambar dan pelbagai aktiviti yang mereka buat dengan perkataan ” busy “
  3. Guru memberikan pendedahan awal aktiviti yang dibuat oleh pelajar. 

Play football

Play computer games

Play ball

Play hide and seek



Post Lesson

  1. Play again the recording.
  2. Student listen, read and point to the day of the week.
  3. In pairs, they point to the pictures and say the days of the week. 
  4. Elicit from the students what the children are doing  that day. 
  1. Mainkan kembali lagu tadi.
  2. Pelajar dengar, baca dan tunjuk kepada hari berlakunya aktiviti tersebut. 
  3. Kaitkan pelajar dengan hari dan aktiviti yang dilakukan. 

On Sunday, we play hide and seek.

On Saturday, we sing.

On Monday, we go swimming.

On Friday, we play football.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we play computer games.

On Tuesday, we play ball.


  • Sing along the song
  • To review simple present tense. 

Recycle language : Days of a week 



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